President Donald Trump announced on Twitter June 13 that his press secretary, Sarah Sanders, would be leaving the White House by the end of the month.

Sarah Sanders said she was blessed for having the opportunity to serve.

Sen. Lindsey Graham praised Sanders' work and said that she would be missed.

The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro said there was only one man who could replace Sanders.

Sanders' father, former Gov. Mike Huckabee, said he was proud of his daughter.

Megan Garber from The Atlantic said Sanders reminds us what happens when partisanship takes control.

  • "Her tenure serves as a reminder of what happens when partisanship, aided by the power of the presidency, is allowed to subsume everything else: traditions, norms, truth, people’s lives."

Katie Rogers and Peter Baker of The New York Times noted that it had been months since she held a press briefing.

  • "It has been 94 days since she held a formal briefing. Instead, she left the daily feeding of the media to Mr. Trump, who prefers to speak for himself and takes questions from reporters on a far more regular basis than most of his recent predecessors."

Margaret Sullivan, columnist for The Washington Post, said Sanders won't be remembered for transparency and honesty.

  • "When Sarah Sanders said Thursday that she hopes to be remembered for her transparency and honesty, the first impulse was to laugh. But lying to citizens while being paid by them really isn’t all that funny. ... She would claim to represent the truth on behalf of a president who lies. She did it disrespectfully, and apparently without shame or an understanding of what the role of White House press secretary should be. She misled reporters or tried to, and through them, misled the American people. And all with her distinctive curled-lip disdain."

Former press secretary Joe Lockhart wrote on CNN that Sanders' legacy would be enshrined in the Mueller report.

  • "Her legacy of dishonesty is enshrined in the Mueller Report and is very telling. Many will remember the day she went after former FBI Director James Comey, saying the White House had heard from many FBI agents who were critical of Comey's leadership. It was only when she was under oath and facing potential jail time did Sanders admit she made the whole story up. To be clear, she smeared a former high-ranking government official with a story that was made up from whole cloth."

CNN analyst Brian Stelter noted that her legacy would be one of letting the dust settle.

"Last month, reporters noticed that there was literally a coating of dust on the press briefing room podium. That is Sanders' legacy."