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Police investigate drive-by shooting that injured woman in Delta

Police are investigating after a woman was injured in an early-morning drive-by shooting in Delta on Thursday.
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DELTA — Police were investigating the case of a woman who was injured in a drive-by shooting in Delta on Thursday.

Police were called to a home at 100 North near the 300 West block in Delta about 1:30 a.m. on reports of gunshots, according to a statement from Millard County Sheriff's Office.

"Multiple rounds of pistol ammunition had been fired in front and nearby the residence with some striking the house and passing through," the statement says.

The woman inside the home was hit and sustained minor injuries.

The shooting may have occurred after a "verbal disagreement" that happened early in the night, deputies said.

The sheriff's office asked for anyone who lives nearby with information or surveillance video to contact authorities.

"The shooting incident in Delta is not just alarming but disturbing. It was an evil act and signals a slip in gear of civility by someone in that great community. I assure you that we have a priority focus on solving that crime," the sheriff's office said.