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Letter: What is Trump hiding?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Assuming I was president and having engaged in no wrongdoing, congressional oversight would be the least of my worries. Making my tax returns and financial records public wouldn’t bother me one wit. The only thing I would require would be to redact my Social Security number, date of birth and my mother’s maiden name. Otherwise, help yourself.

So, I have to wonder why Trump is going to such extremes to hide his financial transactions. What would cause him to recently refuse to negotiate critical infrastructure reform unless house committee members cease efforts to examine his personal banking and business records. Previous presidents haven’t had a problem with disclosing their fiscal affairs. The more Trump refuses open transparency, the more suspicious his illogical reluctance becomes.

Mr. President, what on earth are you trying so hard to keep secret? It must be something that would cause even your most ardent supporters to question your presidential suitability. Maybe, something subjecting you to a stint in the pokey if you lose in 2020 and can no longer hide behind presidential immunity. Can you imagine the chant then. “Lock him up.”

Raymond Hult