SALT LAKE CITY — Will President Donald Trump watch the Democratic primary debates on Wednesday and Thursday?

Yes. But he’s not excited about it. Trump told Fox Business Network that he will watch the debates for a specific reason.

  • “It just seems very boring, but I’m going to watch it because I have to. That's part of my life,” the president said, according to Politico. "Do I want to watch it? Do I want to watch these people? It's a very unexciting group of people.”

Flashback: Trump previously teased that he would be live tweeting during the debates. The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump’s advisers wanted him to stay off of Twitter during the debates. The advisers said, “there was an advantage in letting potential challengers attack one another without distraction,” according to WSJ. However, Trump reportedly changed his strategy to include live tweeting, according to WSJ.

Questions: Ed Kilgore of New York Magazine’s Intelligencer says Trump's strategy raises many questions ahead of the debate: “If he bestows an insulting nickname on a lower-tier candidate in the middle of the debate, will that candidate rise to a higher tier? Will Democrats try to bait Trump with their own insults, hoping to draw a tweet that amplifies them? Could Trump accidentally draw more eyes to an opposition event, perhaps damaging his own cause?”