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Letter: The younger generation

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

In her op-ed “The Reason Why Millennials May Actually be Conservative at Heart,” Kathleen Parker makes her point by painting the younger generation as more homophobic and less educated than previous generations, which she implies is a good thing, “… in a new GLAAD study shows that non-LBGTQ millennials’ comfort with the LGBTQ community has dipped.” She says that “these trends suggest a gradual migration towards traditional values and conservatism.” To Ms. Parker, I would contend that homophobia and willful ignorance are not values at all, and that for the most part, millennials reject these beliefs.

Pew, which uses a larger sample size and asks more concrete questions, concludes that younger millennials believe that homosexuality should be accepted. It is my experience that younger people are more accepting of diverse ideas than in previous generations. Millennials are also the most educated generation in the history of the United States; however, these costs have also put them increasingly in debt. Young people want the accessibility to education opened; they do not want the standards for job entrance lowered, and numbers have proven that. The younger generation is bright, smart and more tolerant than in previous generations, and if those in this demographic continue to hold onto their present values, and if the conservative party does not change, in 20 years, the Republican Party will become an irrelevant relic of the past.

Brian King

Tahlequah, OK