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Letter: Conway and the Hatch Act

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Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Deseret News

Kellyanne Conway has allegedly broken the law — the law known as The Hatch Act. If Sen. Lee and Sen. Romney do not care about the law that is repeatedly broken by Conway by all means, they should keep their silence. If they choose to do nothing, it means they agree that the president and his administration are allowed to break the law and then, maybe, they think they are allowed to break the law as well?

I know I'm not allowed to break the law. I would like my senators to start respecting the law and standing up to the president and his administration's actions. They should do something about Conway now, put out a statement at the very least, say they respect the Hatch Act. The Senators should agree with the ethics evaluation and ask for her resignation.

Rain Wallace

West Valley City