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Amy Iverson: From iceless coolers to iPhone karaoke, here’s the best new summertime tech

The next iPhone operating system comes out this fall, but plenty of people are beta testing iOS 13 right now.

One of the more fun and useful features is the option to stream lyrics in Apple Music in real time, karaoke-style. It’s fun because it makes it easier to sing along, but it's also useful for parents worried about inappropriate lyrics. When my kids are playing music in the car, oftentimes I hear lyrics and think, “Did that just say what I think it said?” Sometimes the singer just jumbled the words a bit and it turns out they were innocuous. But other times I’ll look up the lyrics and find that even though the song wasn’t stamped as explicit, the subject matter isn’t OK for my kids’ ears. This real-time streaming will make it all the easier to just look over and see the words at a glance. When available, to enable this feature, tap on the song at the bottom of your screen that is playing, then tap the lyrics icon. To stop, just swipe down.

If you’d like to get in on the public beta right now, you too can test out iPhone karaoke, as well as Dark Mode and other new features in almost every app (Maps, Photos, Messages, Reminders). Be aware, though, that there are always dangers in downloading a version of iOS that isn’t yet finalized by Apple. So before downloading the beta, make sure you back up your device first.

Epic Games will include a number of challenges, limited-time modes and plenty of rewards to keep gamers playing in the summer.
Epic Games will include a number of challenges, limited-time modes and plenty of rewards to keep gamers playing in the summer.
Epic Games

Maybe you’re ready to head on vacation, but want to do it within the most popular video game on the planet. Luckily for you, Fortnite is helping you out with tons of new adventures through its “14 Days of Summer” event. Each day brings a new challenge within the game, even involving dancing on beaches and water balloons. The game’s developer, Epic, is also unveiling a special weapon each day that’s only available for 24 hours. If you don’t want to mess around finding the beach dance parties on your own, GameSpot has identified quite a few.

And finally, one of the best summertime inventions I’ve seen in a while is a cooler that doesn’t need ice.

They may seem like a First World problem, but I hate normal coolers when the ice melts too fast, or when you can’t see what’s in the cooler through all of the ice, or when everything gets soggy because of the ice. You can preorder Chill from GoSun right now for $579 and never deal with any of those annoyances.

Chill is an electric cooler that charges up through a wall outlet, a DC power cord in your car, boat or RV, or by using an included two-pound power bank to go cordless. The power pack lasts 14 hours and you can also use it as a flashlight or to charge other stuff, like phones and small appliances. You can also fork over an additional $120 to get small solar panels that hook on to the cooler and use the sun to power the Chill for even longer. The Chill comes with a one-year no-questions warranty, and the only downside I see is that you won’t get the cooler in time to use this summer. GoSun plans to ship these out in September.

Correction: A previous version of this story referred to GoSun as "SunGo."