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‘Cuphead’ is coming to Tesla in-car displays, Elon Musk says

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An image from the game "Cuphead."

An image from the game “Cuphead.”


SALT LAKE CITY — It’s not unusual to see video games running in unusual places — “Doom” can run on a printer and “The Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim” can be played on an Amazon Echo device. And now “Cuphead” is up and running on Tesla car displays.

The Verge reports that Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed on the “Ride the Lightning” podcast the company has ported the ultra-hard classic cartoon shooter to their in-car displays. Musk estimates the first world of the game, Inkwell Isle One, could come to cars sometime this summer.

“Cuphead” developer Maja Moldenhauer also confirmed she and her team had worked with Tesla to port the game — under one condition. It had to “play super, super clean... and that it had to control precisely.” Due to this restriction, the game will only be playable with a USB game controller.

“Cuphead” is a 2D shooter-platformer styled after classic 1930s-era cartoons. Players step into the shoes of Cuphead and Mugman, who have to fight through waves of hand-drawn cel-animated enemies to undo an ill-fated deal with the devil.

The port comes as a result of Tesla’s attempts to retrofit Unreal and Unity engines for their car displays. Both game engines are frequently used to build most video games like “Cuphead,” “Fortnite” and Nintendo’s “Yoshi’s Crafted World,” according to IGN.

“Cuphead” also recently arrived on Nintendo Switch — even though it was previously an Xbox-exclusive title. According to GameDaily.biz, Microsoft brought the game to Nintendo’s console as part of an initiative to get Xbox Live on more devices.