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Apple announced a new dark mode, Mac Pro and updated health tracking. Here's what you need to know

SALT LAKE CITY — Apple announced dozens of new features today for their various operating systems, ranging from security updates to health tracking. And yes, there’s a dark mode coming to iPhones.

According to Gizmodo, the company announced the updates as part of its 2019 Worldwide Developer Conference keynote. Major software additions include new Apple Watch apps, increased data protection and the final nail in the coffin for iTunes, which will be replaced by other apps later this year, CNN reports.

Here are some of the most interesting features coming to Apple devices later this year:

Apple TV

“For All Mankind” is a show exclusive to Apple TV+, the company’s new streaming service. The show follows an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union reaches the moon first, inspiring the United States to innovate further into space travel.

Multi-user support for tvOS will give multiple Apple TV users their own personal profiles and recommendations.

Support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers will be added to support Apple Arcade on all devices.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is getting new colorful watch faces and a “taptic chime” feature that chimes and vibrates on the hour.

New apps include Voice Memos and Calculator, which now has a new tip/bill-splitting feature. A new watch App Store will also let users download apps that operate independently of a tethered iPhone.

Streaming audio from music sources and live sporting events is also on the way.

New health data includes in-depth activity trends, noisy environment warnings and fertility tracking.

Other watch features include spoken navigation, song identification and Siri web searches.


The iOS13 software will allow users to unlock their phones 30 percent faster and launch apps twice as fast.

Dark mode is coming to iPhones along with swipe typing and time-synced music lyrics for songs.

The Maps app will receive more detailed maps and street view information in 2020.

A new “Sign in With Apple” feature will let users sign into apps and services without sharing personal information from Google or Facebook.

Memojis will get makeup, jewelry and new hairstyles. They can also be converted into stickers that can be sent in any messaging app.

New Photo app features include better photo organization and new video effects and editing. Portrait mode is also getting an intensity slider, which can help tone the effect.

Siri will now use a text-to-speech system instead of recorded voices, which helps the virtual assistant sound a little more natural.


iPads are getting a new operating system, iPadOS, which will bring desktop computer functionality to tablets.

USB drives, cameras and SD cards will be supported via accessories and dongles.

Safari on iPad is getting support for desktop browsing, which includes support for Google docs.

More notes:

Additionally, a new Mac Pro desktop computer was announced and will feature stronger graphics and performance compared to the iMac Pro, according to the Verge. The computer will cost $5,999, can support the new Pro Display XDR and features a very shiny stainless steel cheese grater aesthetic.

The new monitor, on the other hand, costs $4,999 and supports 6K screen resolution. An optional $999 Pro Stand will also let users rotate the display vertically, not unlike a TV Samsung revealed in April, according to Deseret News.