"WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME," by E. James Harrison, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 280 pages (f)

Two years after his wife, Marena, had a double mastectomy, Greg Walker convinced her that it would be helpful, mentally and physically, to take a long vacation in the Caribbean. She reluctantly agreed and they soon found themselves on a beautiful island with all the attractions such places provide.

E. James Harrison is the author of "Wrong Place Wrong Time."
E. James Harrison is the author of "Wrong Place Wrong Time." | Provided by Covenant Communications

On a whim, the couple hires a young man, Wiggy Wiggy, to take them to a secret cove for snorkeling and a fresh seafood dinner. The day was much more than they had imagined and the couple felt they had hit the jackpot. As the little group prepared to end a beautiful day, to their surprise, Greg and Marena witnessed a horrific murder — the driver of a large cigar boat murdered their new friend as he swam across the little cove they had enjoyed so much.

The Walkers did everything they could to help the authorities (in the Caribbean and the U.S.) identify and catch the killer, but their efforts were in vain. Wiggy Wiggy was gone and no one seemed to care.

The Walkers suddenly find themselves in the middle of international events. For the bulk of the story, they are chased by U.S. government agents, foreign spies and ruthless drug dealers — all with different plans for their lives.

E. James Harrison's novel is full of adventure, mystery and plot twists that sneak up on the reader. He writes with clarity and allows readers to percolate ideas before revealing the true intents of the characters.

A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he is the father of two daughters and resides in St. George.