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Drone flies through the Natural History Museum of Utah in this breathtaking video

A drone flies past dinosaur skeletons in the Natural History Museum of Utah.
A drone flies past dinosaur skeletons in the Natural History Museum of Utah.

SALT LAKE CITY — While it’s cool to see fossils and prehistoric skeletons, you’ll likely never get as close to museum specimens as this drone did.

Gizmodo reports that Robert McIntosh built a custom drone using the inside components of a GoPro 6 to shoot the video, which shows a rear-facing view of the Natural History Museum Of Utah’s collection as the drone flies smoothly through the room — complete with animal sound effects that help bring the fossils to life.

McIntosh’s process behind the video is also about as interesting as the subject matter. In order to fly among the museum’s exhibits, McIntosh built his own drone out of a stripped-down GoPro and four tiny propellers. The finished product weighed 120.3 grams (a little heavier than the GoPro itself) and allowed for an intimate look at the prehistoric beasts.

McIntosh’s raw footage is also available and gives a significantly different look at the video. The finished video is shown in reverse to add some mystery to the final product. Additionally, the raw camera feed is much wobblier, and Gizmodo notes ReelSteady GO was used in post-production to stabilize the image.

“The results can be good, but ReelSteady GO streamlines the process by instead relying on the motion data that a GoPro camera’s gyroscope captures during each recording,” according to Gizmodo. “It not only provides more accurate data about how the camera is getting bumped around, it also eliminates the time-consuming process of having to first analyze unsteady footage.”

McIntosh’s museum video, along with his other equally impressive videos, can be seen on Vimeo.