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Letter: Immigrants are human

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

As Utahns, we believe that all lives have value. This sentiment was also voiced by Mexican President López Obrador in response to President Trump's recent threat to impose tariffs on Mexican goods. López Obrador said, "We have to help so that they don't enter the United States illegally, but we also have to do it respecting human rights. ... They're human beings."

In contrast our president has tried to solve our immigration problem by using extreme measures that take no thought of the human cost. He ignores physical and psychological dangers to children by pushing family separation and prolonged family detention in overcrowded detention centers. His administration prosecutes those who try to leave lifesaving aid for immigrants attempting to cross the harsh desert. And now his pronouncement of tariffs on Mexican goods threatens to destabilize the economy of the very country we are asking for help in our struggle to curtail illegal immigration.

Congress must act to check our president's policies by passing laws to fix our broken immigration system. In doing so I implore them to remember President López Obrador's words that immigrants "are human beings" and to consider the human cost of the policies they seek to implement.

Melarie Wheat