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BYU men's tennis finishes second in the Mountain Region postseason honors

PROVO — BYU men's tennis claimed the second spot in the Mountain Region and posted three singles players in the top 20 along with three doubles teams in the top 10, the ITA announced on June 5.

BYU claimed second place against opponents from the region, behind Utah. The Cougars went 7-0 against Air Force, Boise State, Denver, New Mexico, Utah, Utah State and Weber State.

The Cougars posted three doubles teams in the region's top 10. Sean Hill and Jeffrey Hsu came in as the No. 1 doubles team in the region after their successful season as a double duo. Sam Tullis and Ben Gajardo landed the No. 5 ranking in the region, while Matthew Pearce and Mateo Vereau Melendez were named the No. 10 doubles team.

On top of the three doubles teams, BYU also had three singles players in the top 20. Hill was named the No. 2 singles player behind Utah's Dan Little. Hsu closed out his senior season with a No. 13 singles ranking and Tullis came in at No. 20 for the Cougars.

Team rankings

1 Utah


3 Utah State

4 New Mexico

5 Denver



8 Nevada

9 Boise State

10 Air Force

Singles rankings

1 Dan Little, Utah

2 Sean Hill, BYU

3 David Micevski, Utah

4 Ricky Hernandez Tong, New Mexico

5 Tim Handel, NAU

6 Dominic West, UNM

7 Isaac Arevalo Gomez, Utah State

8 Julien Ervard, Nevada

9 Mattia Ros, Denver

10 Matt Summers, Denver

11 Stepan Holis, New Mexico

12 Felipe Acosta, Utah State

13 Jeffrey Hsu, BYU

14 Luka Soskic, Boise State

15 Sergiu Bucur, Utah State

16 Slava Shainyan, Utah

17 Russell Benkaim, Utah

18 Salvador Mijares, Southern Utah

19 Pat Sklenka, Air Force

20 Sam Tullis, BYU

Doubles rankings

1 Sean Hill, Jeffrey Hsu, BYU

2 Tim Handel, Ruben Montano, NAU

3 Julien Evrard, Kostyantin Nesterenko, Nevada

4 Matt Summers, James Davis, Denver

5 Sam Tullis, Ben Gajardo, BYU

6 Ricky Hernandez Tong, Stepan Holis, New Mexico

7 Pat Sklenka, Tadhg Collins, Air Force

8 Dominic West, Facundo Bermejo, New Mexico

9 Eric Samuelsson, Clayton Alenik, UNLV

10 Mateo Vereau Melendez, Matthew Pearce, BYU