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Letter: Myth busting National Improved Medicare for All

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

After listening to the Democratic debates, it’s clear that the insurance and pharmaceutical industries are acting like fog machines at a rock concert. They’re obscuring the truth and confusing the public about improved Medicare for All, using media manipulation and well-placed legislators.

When asking candidates about Medicare for All, moderator Lester Holt’s words reflected industry bias: “Who here would abolish their private insurance in favor of a government-run plan?”

Would Holt have referred to public schools as “government-run education”? By saying “private health insurance” instead of “corporate-profiteering plans,” Holt perpetuates the intentionally misleading terminology. Under National Improved Medicare for All, our government would not be providing healthcare delivery.

NIMA would use a government-funded single-payer model. Healthcare would be managed by independent hospitals and physicians using standardized rates. A single public agency would provide the financing, (Medicare model), private physicians and hospitals will deliver the care — not the government.

Holt doubled down on his bias later in the debate, claiming Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill "would put essentially everybody on Medicare, then eliminate private plans that offer similar coverage.”

In fact, Sanders' bill provides everyone with comprehensive health care coverage, including dental, hearing, vision and home-based long-term care — all without co-payments or deductibles. You don’t find this kind of blanket coverage in private plans today.

NIMA would eliminate confusing “in and out of network” providers. Americans would have complete freedom to choose doctors, hospitals and specialists throughout the country.

Jan Phillips

Durango, CO