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Letter: We must take note

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

As citizens of the United States of America, the people of this state should be interested in discussing political topics. It seems to me that discussing anything very important has become a social no-no. It seems to be socially unacceptable to define a right and a wrong way of thinking. If there is no definite right or wrong, how can we ever maintain law and order?

We are mostly a community of Christians here in Utah County and as such, it is very important that we take note of what is going on around us and perk up and do something about it. We cannot live our lives thinking that all will continue to go smoothly here in our state and nation. There are people with agendas out there who would turn our communities inside out. If we don't want this to happen, then we have to stand up, better educate ourselves and better defend ourselves.

The people of this state are the ones who should be making their voices heard in order to influence their representatives. Is this happening? Are people really getting informed and making their opinions known? I don't think so when these topics are not even able to be discussed easily in public. Most people know very little about the current topics and are therefore embarrassed. This can't go on. People have to get educated and involved, or else wake up one day with the shock of their monetary system totally destroyed. This is just around the corner.

Beverly Kingsford