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Letter: Responding to 'fake' climate alarms

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Who is sounding these “fake” alarms? Every scientific body of national or international standing, like The National Academy of Sciences, NASA, IPCC, etc. and every climate scientist, worldwide, publishing in peer-reviewed science journals — over 69,000 of them. The scientific consensus on AGW used to be 97%, which is still the figure that appears on the National Academy of Sciences website, but it’s now over 99.9999% (National Physical Science Consortium).

The “fake” letter claims clean energy would mean no vehicles or power plants, i.e. “economic disaster.” In fact, either solar or wind energy can now easily power our entire planet, electric vehicles, etc., and cost less than any fossil fuel and provide about five times as many jobs and they’re local, high-wage and permanent (40-year) positions.

The Green New Deal’s energy plan would pay for itself, with two-thirds of the money coming from private investment, and the rest of the cost would be more than offset by a $500 billion annual increase in our GDP (IPCC). That’s because a transition to a clean-energy economy would make solar and wind virtually free by 2030 (UBS, Financial Times, August 2018).

Pete Kuntz

Northglenn, Colorado