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Man upset with co-worker for not covering shift puts machetes through his door, police say

Zachariah David Martindale
Zachariah David Martindale
Salt Lake County Jail

MIDVALE — A man who was upset with a co-worker for not covering one of his shifts was arrested after police say he drove to the co-worker's residence, put machetes through his door and threatened to kill his family.

On Sunday, about 10 a.m., Unified police were dispatched to a Midvale apartment on a report of a man with a knife.

"When other officers and I arrived, the male had put the knives, which were actually long machetes over a foot long, back in his car," according to a Salt Lake County Jail booking report. "Before doing this, the male had stabbed the machetes through the door three times."

Detectives interviewed the people in the apartment, one of whom works with Zachariah David Martindale, 27.

"Zach wanted (the victim) to cover his shift. (The victim) had told him no, this all over text messages. Zach threatened to come to (the victim's) home and kill him and his family if he didn't cover the shift," the report states.

When the victim again refused to cover Martindale's shift, he drove to the victim's residence and stabbed his door with machetes, according to the report.

Police noted that Martindale "smelled strongly of alcohol" when he was arrested. In his vehicle, police found "an open container of whiskey … along with several empty bottles of tussin and codine," the report states.

Martindale was arrested for investigation of aggravated assault, carrying a dangerous weapon while under the influence of alcohol, criminal mischief, having an open container in a vehicle, threat of violence and intoxication.