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Southwest Airlines passengers receive free Nintendo Switch. Seriously.

Passengers flying from Dallas to San Diego all received free consoles.

SALT LAKE CITY — Southwest Airlines gave passengers free Nintendo Switch video game consoles on a recent flight.

Southwest held a sweepstakes on July 15 that promised to give away a free Nintendo Switch device and a digital copy of "Mario Maker 2" every day until Aug. 13.

However, on Wednesday, passengers flying from Dallas to San Diego on Southwest Flight 2246 all got a console for themselves, according to CNET.

Proof: Nicholas Friedman, a social media manager for Funimation, tweeted out a photo of the gift from the flight.

The reason: So what gives? Why did these passengers receive free Switch devices? Well, according to TechSpot, the flight was full of people flying to San Diego Comic-Con where Nintendo is slated to have a presence.

Flashback: Southwest and Nintendo partnered together in 2013 to make sure one flight received free Wii U devices and a copy of "Super Mario Maker," too, according to the IB Times.