In many media outlets, the continuous emphasis is on the celebrity events of those men and women who have special talents in sports, entertainment, business or politics and earn a very large income. This has distorted the career goals of many young Americans as the only worthwhile means to earn a higher standard of living. Rarely do we read, hear or see of the daily contributions of hard-working, sincere lay people who have given this country one of the highest standards of living.

We all can be proud of those who contribute to our daily necessities. Among these are our military, law enforcement, fire services, religious leaders, legislative and municipal employees, health service providers and the varied businesses that make our daily lives safe and enjoyable living in these United States.

My suggestion is for all our media to search out and provide our younger members with examples of the other Americans that are worthy to emulate. It may give them an opportunity to consider a career that contributes and enhances our high standard of living.

Bob Sweeney

Warwick, RI