SALT LAKE CITY — “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is reportedly undergoing reshoots, which could be good or bad news for “Star Wars” fans depending on their take.

  • WIRED reports that multiple online sources suggest “Rise of Skywalker” is undergoing reshoots, which are expected to last into September. That sounds like “Star Wars” is cutting it pretty close since the new film is slated to drop in December.
  • “If true, expect some very late nights for editors and the visual effects team,” according to WIRED.
  • The reshoots reportedly include an X-Wing fighter and they’re allegedly taking place in Black Park in the U.K., according to Making Star Wars. Another reshoot involves the Millennium Falcon with tropical plants on top of it. No other concrete details are available.

So should you worry?: Per WIRED, “don’t worry about the movie having reshoots this late in the game; these days, such things are common, so this is unlikely to be some kind of ‘Rogue One’ situation where the entire movie gets significantly changed after the first pass at production."

“Rogue One”: Remember this — “Rogue One” had a tremendous number of reshoots toward the end of its production, which “saved the first standalone ‘Star Wars’ movie,” according to The Verge.

  • But the issues with “Rogue One” — which led to reconceptualization and redevelopment of the plot, scenes and story — highlight a bigger issue with Disney films.
  • “While it’s good to see that Disney is willing to take the time to adjust the movie and dump resources into shooting new scenes and enacting major changes, ‘Rogue One’ does highlight a much larger problem that many tentpole films seem to have: starting production with a release date, rather than an excellent story,” according to The Verge.