SALT LAKE CITY — A Texas teenager was arrested this week for spitting into an Arizona Iced Tea bottle and putting it back on the shelf, CBS-7 reports. The incident occurred at an Albertson’s store in Odessa, Texas.

The affidavit says camera footage spotted the teenager taking an Arizona Iced Tea off the shelf, spitting in it and then putting it right back on the shelf.

Police said the teenager admitted to taking a drink from the tea and then putting it back because it tasted “gross,” per USA Today.

The teen has been charged with tampering with a consumer product — a second-degree felony.

Yes, we’ve seen this before: There’s probably not a huge appetite to rehash these older stories, but context matters. In early July, a viral video showed a young girl licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream before putting it back on the shelf, according to the Deseret News. Separately, a man was arrested for sharing a video of him licking ice cream and putting it back on the shelf, too. There was another video of a woman drinking from a bottle of mouthwash, swilling it in her mouth and then putting the bottle back on the shelf. And, if that’s not enough, Texas police set up shop outside the ice cream aisle to protect the dessert from getting licked, as the Deseret News reported.