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Letter: What about my comfort?

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Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Deseret News

So the other day I go into Lowe's in West Valley City to buy a sprinkler part. I round the corner, looking at the shelves for my part, and behind a cardboard display stand, to my surprise, I see a dog laying there. He has a leash but the owner is looking for parts and not holding the leash. Now this dog I assume is a comfort dog. You see them everywhere, in planes, grocery stores, buses, etc.

My question is, if this is a comfort animal, why isn't the owner holding the leash? I don't like that breed of dog and it freaked me out. The owner says, "Am I in your way?" I said 'No, but your dog freaked me out." He says, "Oh, he won't hurt you." How do I know that? I've never seen that dog before and I don't care for the breed. I wonder about my comfort. Shouldn't I be allowed to shop without seeing dogs? Why can't the stores have a pen near the front for deposit of comfort animals so I can shop in comfort? Maybe I should have a doctor sign something for me saying keep all comfort animals away from me.

Jay Stromberg