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Letter: Live by family rules, not government policy

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Our children know we have family rules. Some things that they want, they can't have right now. We give reasons such as: "it's expensive, we don't have money for that."

Many "want it now" and we may say, "when we have the money, we'll see." Or do we think, like our children, "I want it now, never mind credit card debt, bankruptcy, or government bail-out"?

Let's live by our family rules. "If we don't have money to buy it now, we can't have it now." When we think "government will take care of it," we're into bigger government and financial bondage. Another family rule to live by: "If we have something that doesn't belong to us, we'll have to give it up." Let's all, even seniors, change our thinking to not live by government policy.

Jon Burton