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Letter: Mostly ban fireworks

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Now that the Fourth of July and Pioneer Day firework celebrations are over, where is the one very brave politician that will get a bill passed in the Legislature to ban fireworks at the most dangerous time of the year except in designated areas like Stadium of Fire and Smith's Ballpark — as examples — where professionals are in charge?

Once again, many fires, several homes lost, seniors and others traumatized with fear with the booms and vibration of illegal fireworks next to their homes and hundreds of anxious pets (I have one) are shaking, pacing, running and trying to hide. I love a good fireworks show just as much as the next person — just not next to my home, which borders a huge weed-filled lot (privately owned and not cared for) begging to be lit on fire by a careless neighbor's firework. Ban them except where noted, please.

Gail Groves

North Salt Lake