SALT LAKE CITY — A West Valley woman has been charged with running over a relative with her car after an argument that was apparently precipitated by a "dirty look" at a kindergarten graduation ceremony.

Margarita Perez-Hernandez, 30, is charged in 3rd District Court with aggravated assault, a third-degree felony, and failing to stop for an injury accident, a class A misdemeanor.

A woman who was at a kindergarten graduation ceremony on June 5 believed that Perez-Hernandez, a relative, "was giving her dirty looks," according to a search warrant affidavit. After the ceremony, Perez-Hernandez drove to the woman's home.

Perez-Hernandez got out of her car and approached a 16-year-old girl "as if she was going to hit her," according to charging documents. The woman got between the two and Perez-Hernandez went back to her car.

The woman followed and put her hands on the driver's side window, which was partially shut.

"Perez-Hernandez rolled the window all the way up onto (the woman's) fingers and began to drive," the charges state.

The woman was dragged by the vehicle and told Perez-Hernandez to stop, but she "looked at her and laughed," according to the charges.

Perez-Hernandez rolled down the window as the car hit a speed bump, causing the woman to fall, police said.

"(She) was run over by the rear tire," the charges state.

The car ran over the woman's pelvis, she suffered scrapes on her left leg, large scrapes on her left hip and torso, as well as a bump on her forehead, but did not receive any broken bones or internal injuries, according to the charging documents.

When police interviewed Perez-Hernandez, she claimed it was the woman who tried to fight her and she went back into her car because she was afraid.

"Perez-Hernandez claimed that she didn't know (the woman) had been on the vehicle and that she did not look back in her rearview or side view mirrors to see what her daughter was talking about," when she told her mother the woman had "fallen off the vehicle," according to court documents. "She claimed that she did not know that she ran over anyone."

A neighbor told police she "observed the female driver try to pry the victim's fingers from the window as she drove," the charges say.

An initial court appearance for Perez-Hernandez was held Thursday. She is scheduled to be back in court on Aug. 26.