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Letter: Fake climate alarms

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

The urge to sound climate alarm is irresistible to politicians and scientists wanting to be heard and funded. Inaccurate and jaded news articles meant to persuade rather than inform include only token, parenthetical, negative sentences about scientist deniers. Social media controllers silence contrary voices. Air Quality Index is manipulated to cloud the Trump administration.

Important contributions and unanswered questions posed by expert scientist “deniers” are met with derision rather than interest. Their meetings go unreported. Inconsistencies and inaccuracies in carbon-based global warming theories aren’t aired through public debate.

Government figures show the Clean Power Plan would make nearly undetectable difference in atmospheric temperature by the year 2100. Many thousands of coal-fired power plants around the world are in service, under construction or planned; a few tens are in the U.S. If our country ceased all vehicles and power plants it would be essentially insignificant to world climate. The carbon fee and dividend program is an economic and political disaster in waiting. On what exactly do “97% of climate scientists” agree? That man’s activities contribute in some degree to atmospheric conditions (yes), or that man does it all (no)? Climate is complicated. Depriving needy nations of life-giving energy is not a virtuous course. Emerging technologies will have huge impact.

Those parroting alarmist lines are invited to take a look at more complete information and weigh it up.

Allan South