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Herriman athletes gaining collegiate attention

Tueni Lupeamanu does it all for the Herriman Mustangs. Colleges have noted his overall athleticism as a result.
Tueni Lupeamanu does it all for the Herriman Mustangs. Colleges have noted his overall athleticism as a result.
Lupeamanu family

HERRIMAN, Utah — Don’t look now, but Herriman High could be on the cusp of becoming a local prep football power.

In having made the playoffs in their first year ever last season, they’re on the cusp of making even more noise this year. The Mustangs are off to a quick 4-0 start and feature two of the best in-state prospects for 2013 in running back Francis Bernard and athlete Tueni Lupeamanu.

I confess that my first reaction when learning of their offers from BYU was "who and from where?" I’m well-aware of the traditional college-feeder programs such as Bingham and Alta among others, but Herriman?

Given what they’ve done so far in just two years, Herriman could very well be pumping out Division I talent on a yearly basis in the near future. Bernard and Lupeamanu are the first, but they likely won’t be the last.

So far this year, both players look to be equal to their early offers from BYU. Bernard in just four games has rushed for 637 yards on an 8.97 per carry average. He presents an impressive combination of power and speed to go along with his 6-foot, 200-pound frame.

He’s receiving a lot of attention after performing very well at the offseason camps and into the season. It’s a very good bet that BYU won’t stand as his only offer for much longer.

Stats can’t tell the same story for Lupeamanu as they do for Bernard, however. What does tell a story regarding his overall athleticism is the many roles assigned to him by head coach Larry Wilson.

He’s Herriman’s starting quarterback, starts at outside linebacker and even punts. Given his full slate of responsibilities, his overall prospects might not be easily noticed.

BYU noticed, however, and other colleges soon may follow in extending him a scholarship offer.

We caught up with the 6-foot-2, 225-pound prospect following his last game against Copper Hills. We learned about his thoughts on the game, being offered so early last summer by BYU among other things.


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