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New DVD chronicles 'The Making of Jimmer'

"The Making of Jimmer" DVD.
"The Making of Jimmer" DVD.
Excel Entertainment

As a rookie who recently completed his first full month of professional basketball, Jimmer Fredette has some chapters left to write in his basketball career.

But the story has been plenty compelling so far.

"The Making of Jimmer," a new release from Excel Entertainment, chronicles Fredette's journey from scrappy kid on the playground to college basketball icon to NBA lottery pick. The DVD features extensive interviews with immediate family, home videos of young Jimmer and behind-the-scenes footage of Fredette as he prepares to play in the NBA — a dream he's been serious about since age 6.

And, of course, plenty of highlights of crossover 3s and twisting scoop shots.

The DVD is billed as "the complete Jimmer story." The production is framed by an in-depth interview with Fredette by KSL's Greg Wrubell on the floor of the Marriott Center, where for four years Jimmer churned out spectacular numbers and turned his name into a pop culture reference.

Fredette's family — father Al, mother Kay, brother TJ and sister Lindsay — offer up warm memories of his childhood. They are complemented by home video of a kid "full of life" — throwing a basketball when he can barely walk, jumping off furniture and botching the lyrics to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." The family fondly remembers a chubby kid with a "tiny voice," but also a boy who could hit 3-pointers at the age of 5, got knocked around on the court by older kids and became competitive at a very young age.

"Winning was everything to me," Fredette says. "I hated to lose."

The DVD recounts the story that most became familiar with during the so-called "Jimmermania" phenomenon last year — the hometown hero who worked out at the LDS meetinghouse with his brother but was lightly recruited out of Glens Falls High School — but also gives fans fresh insight with some revealing interview segments.

Fredette talks about being a Latter-day Saint and dealing with peer pressure. He also speaks in detail about the "stressful" decision to return to BYU for his senior season, which Fredette says he prayed about.

"You hear from every friend you've ever had in your entire life," he says. "You hear from extended family that you haven't heard from your entire life. All of these people are pulling you in different directions."

College basketball analyst Len Elmore gives insights into the technical aspects of Fredette's game, while Seth Davis provides a national perspective of Fredette's captivating senior season.

"It became appointment viewing," Davis says.

As Fredette prepares for the NBA draft, cameras capture his workouts, meetings with marketers and even hotel check-ins before team workouts and pre-draft camps.

And there's plenty of talk about the now-famous name. When Fredette was a baby, his older sister refused to call him "Jimmer." But those close to Fredette talk about how the unique name has endeared the New York native to a wider audience.

"There was a method to my madness," Kay says at one point.

The DVD is in stores Jan. 31. The trailer can be seen on YouTube.