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High school soccer: Olympus takes advantage of own goal to beat Hillcrest

Online photo gallery: Olympus vs. Hillcrest

MIDVALE — Friday's game ended in all too familiar fashion for the Hillcrest boys' soccer team. They suffered their second double-overtime loss to Olympus this season, falling by the same 1-0 margin.

The last time the two met, Blaze Nelson booted in the golden goal in the second overtime. This time, the game-clincher was the result of a set piece and an unfortunate own goal.

Hillcrest head coach Brett Davis was disappointed with the ending after such an even match up.

"Both battled very well, both had good chances," he said. "Either team could have scored during regulation. It is unfortunate that it had to come down to what it did."

The goal came just moments into the second overtime. James Webb was fouled outside of the 18-yard box and Amer Sasivarevic sent the free kick sailing.

Hillcrest defender Keaton Critchlow jumped to head the ball out of the box, but instead deflected it back into his own net to end the game.

Sasivarevic was excited to get the second win and to have a hand in the winning play. "It feels great," he said. "I have always wanted to be involved in a golden goal. I think it was pretty cool that we beat them twice, because they're a really good team."

The Huskies controlled the tempo at times, building strong offensive attacks and knocking it wide to utilize the entire field. As a result, the Titans were forced to play down a man in some areas and had to utilize their speed advantage in the midfield.

"We're very even teams," Olympus head coach Chris Sonntag said. "We play differently, but we both work hard to have offensive possession. We work everyday to perfect our possession. This team presents problems because they send their outside guys constantly and we get overloaded in the middle."

According to the Sonntag, however, Sasivarevic and Blaze met those "problems" head on, working hard on the 50/50 balls and building counterattacks. Connelly Buchanan contributed as well. "He was a stud all day long," Sonntag said. "Against some very fast guys."

Both sides battled to the bitter end and it could have gone either way. In fact, a Hillcrest goal in the first overtime had the crowd on their feet, celebrating a victory that would have been, had the goal not been deemed offsides.

The disputed call was one of many in the tight contest.

The win gives Olympus a 4-1-1 season record and further fuels the struggle for a top spot in Region 7.