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San Francisco coach apologizes for postgame comments about Mormons

University of San Francisco head basketball coach Rex Walters apologized for his comments about Mormons and Utah after his Dons were eliminated by BYU in the West Coast Conference tournament semifinals.

Last week, Walters said his team was the best in the tournament. After the Cougars' overtime victory, Walters was asked by a reporter if he still thinks that is true. You can watch the press conference (fast forward to the 13-minute mark to see the coach's entire remarks) in the video attached to this story.

"I would say we are the best team in this tournament," Walters said at the 19-minute mark. "The best team may not have won tonight. Our hat's off to BYU ... There may be a lot of Mormons mad at me, but I don't give a rat's you-know-what what the state of Utah thinks of me. I'm proud of our guys. They won the game tonight. They deserved it. They played better tonight. But I wouldn't trade one of my guys for any player in this tournament. Not one."

Early this morning Walters apologized through his Twitter account