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The Clean Cut: Mom of the year 'Billionaire' parody makes moms' case for award


Alisha Merrick and Eden Morris of released a video parody of Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars's song "Billionaire," in which the two moms list reasons why they both should win the coveted Mom of the Year award.

Here's a taste of the cases the two moms make:

"Yeah, I would show the world that I'm a good mom

There was just that one time that I slept through the smoke alarm

And now the kids are super scared of fire

But that's good, right? I was just so dang tired"

The song continues:

"People cringe when they see me with my brood

But they're only bad if I run out of food

Or if they're tired, or hopped up on sweets

Yeah, then it's a good time to run and retreat"

Moms, can you relate?

Check out the Laughing Moms YouTube channel for this and other parodies.

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