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BYU's worldwide fan base highlighted in Hyundai Lens of Loyalty project (+video)

The worldwide reach of the BYU sports fan base is on clear display in a recent video project launched by Hyundai.

The Hyundai Lens of Loyalty project challenged 25 colleges around the country, including BYU, to develop an idea for a five-minute video showcasing that school's loyalty.

Finalists, including BYU, were chosen based on their video proposal, and Hyundai gave them each $10,000 to create the video.

Seven finalist videos were published to YouTube.

The other six finalist videos posted belonged to Alabama, Boston College, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Oregon and Pittsburgh.

In October, BYU sent a request for videos from Cougar fans showing BYU pride. The videos — which included submissions from Fiji, Japan, Hawaii, Tonga, London and Brazil — were then incorporated into the school's video.

BYU took the generosity and challenge one step further, using the money to pay expenses and invite a few fans from the videos to the Cougars' game against Boise State game on Oct. 25, according to a BYU news release.

The video highlights four of these fans: Joe from Hawaii, Brandon from Spain, Johan from South Africa and Rafael from Zimbabwe.

Joe said he pays for satellite, and he only uses it for one channel: the BYU channel. Johan and Rafael watch Cougar games with a "wide range of people. And it does actually bring us together."

Brandon's story involved BYU games getting him through some tough times.

"Three weeks before I left to go to school, I found out that I had cancer in my foot," Brandon said. "I had my leg amputated and for a while I did chemotherapy. What really helped pass the time, to get me through it and keep me upbeat, was watching old tapes of BYU football games."

What did other Cougar fans say or do to show their BYU pride? Watch the video to find out.

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