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Letter: Who copied whom?

Letter to the Editor Deseret News

Our nation and the world are shocked and saddened by shootings in Texas and Ohio. We shall continue to mourn for the victims and for their families. We must continue to assess causes for such horrifically violent acts.

Statements from the Texas shooter seemingly came from Donald Trump’s own words, both as president and as candidate.

But who copied whom?

It is not hard to see now that Mr. Trump’s political team possibly borrowed wording from white supremacists, readying for the presidential campaign. Donald Trump soon spoke those words from podiums across our nation, enlisting that extreme element to become part of his political base. Of course, most Trump supporters are great citizens, not at all of that extreme element.

Now in 2019, we find that “manifestos” of violent extremists echo the words of Donald Trump. It is deliberate, and it was planned, but not by the extremists. Our president has made it clear that he does not condone such violence, and we ought to believe him. It is more difficult to exonerate him from indirectly “legitimizing” extreme views and actions.

Steve Bowen

West Valley City