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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ tie-in novel may have foreshadowed ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ twist

Does it hint at Cosmic Awareness?

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Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in “Avengers: Endgame.”

Marvel Studios

SALT LAKE CITY — Did an “Avengers: Infinity War” tie-in novel foreshadow the forthcoming events of “Thor: Love and Thunder” years before it drops?

It’s possible. The “Infinity War” tie-in book “The Cosmic Quest Volume II: Aftermath” centers on Dr. Erik Selvig and Darcy Lewis, who were two side characters in the “Thor” films, according to ScreenRant.

Selvig and Lewis investigate the cause of Thanos’ snap. Eventually, this leads them back to Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who says she feels a little off after the events of “Thor: The Dark World.”

In that film, Jane gets merged with the Reality Stone so she could be saved from death. And apparently in this book, she begins to sense that something horrible is going to happen because of the stones. This, according to ComicBook.com, is an idea called “Cosmic Awareness” — a power that Jane Foster had in the comic books.

Cosmic Awareness is the ability “to be aware of anything that affects the user on a universal scale,” according to the Marvel Database.

“The fact that Jane was distinguished as both having special powers from the Reality Stone and tapping into Cosmic Awareness seems like a lot of foreshadow to her transformation into Thor in the upcoming “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

As I wrote for the Deseret News, Jane Foster will return in the fourth “Thor” film where she will take on the role and become worthy of holding the special hammer Mjolnir.

Foster first gained the abilities after she was diagnosed with cancer. She didn’t seek any medical treatments. But it turned out that Mjolnir called out to her, proving her to be worthy of wielding it, as I wrote for the Deseret News.