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Letter: Inland port pollution

Letter to the Editor Deseret News

The state of Utah continually shows they are not interested in the welfare of its citizens. Recently, attorneys for the state of Utah and the Inland Port Authority requested a judge reject a restraining order filed by Salt Lake City regarding the inland port project, arguing the project has been planned for over 40 years and the state is in negotiations “with a number of very prominent companies.” As a Salt Lake City resident in my early 40s, I see the inland port as outdated and dangerous. We are in a climate catastrophe and there is no reason to bring this dirty project into our backyard. The inland port is estimated to add hundreds of new diesel trucks a day to our roads. This is only one of many terrible additions it will bring to our city and state.

Multiple studies confirm the ill-effects of environmental pollution. Utah has an estimated 1,000-2,000 deaths a year related to air pollution. Air pollution causes harmful multigenerational effects due to particulates becoming embedded in the placenta and in our brains, showing a strong correlation to Alzheimer’s dementia and risks for chronic diseases.

Utah must protect the health of its citizens.

Maurena Grossman

Salt Lake City