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Colorado hail: Freakish storms leave smashed windows

Is it really raining hail in Colorado?

Otis, Colorado, has been a central spot for freakish hail storms

SALT LAKE CITY — Colorado is suffering from severe weather right now, including huge balls of hail that have smashed windows.

Otis, Colorado, has been a central spot for freakish hail storms, which have passed through Colorado over the last day or so. One resident, Jerry Patterson, said hail damaged his car, including the window.

“There’s one spot where I think that we had some record breaking hail but it was warm, so by the time somebody was on their feet to save it ... ,” he told CBS Denver.

“I just want to point out this, this size mark right here, just incredible. Boom! You can see how that’s dented in there,” he said.

Another family, the Hull family, captured video of falling hail through their doorbell camera, according to CBS Denver. The family saved chunks of the hail as well since it’s an uncommon thing in the summer months.

A storm chaser measured a 4.5-inch diameter hail stone in Otis, which would tie the largest hailstone ever in Colorado, according to The Denver Post.

But no one snapped a picture of the hailstone, which means it could be a false report.

“Someone that told us that there were (4.5 inch hailstones), but there’s nothing there to verify it. It’s word of mouth,” Frank Cooper, a meteorologist with NWS Boulder, told The Denver Post. “There’s no measuring device. It’s just (the storm chaser’s) hand. It’s hard to verify if it was four-and-a-half inches or not, unless we have a measurement of it right next to it.”

No visual proof means it’ll be tough to prove that the hailstone actually fell in Colorado. However, there are 20 different examples of 4.5-inch hail falling in the state, according to The Denver Post.

The Colorado Climate Center told that storm chasers with record-breaking hail should throw it in a plastic bag, store it in the freezer, and then give it to experts.