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‘The Masked Singer’ season 2 is going to be wild

And we are totally here for it.

SALT LAKE CITY — “The Masked Singer” released another trailer for its second season on Thursday, and the new season looks to be wild.

The new promo — which aired during “BH90210” on Wednesday night — shows off new contestants wearing the costumes of a spider-like creature, a green monster and a purple flower. There is also a brief glimpse of an ice cream cone, a dog and a tree.

As I previously reported, “The Masked Singer” unveiled some of the other costumes already, like the Panda, Butterfly, Egg, Leopard, Flamingo, Skeleton, Fox and Eagle.

It’s going to be wild.

“The Masked Singer” is a reality singing competition show where constants (normally high-profile celebrities wearing masks) compete in head-to-head performances. This season, 16 celeb singers will look to captivate the audience and judges, which include Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger. The show will also introduce a new “smackdown” battle format.

Last season, T-Pain won the day as the Monster. But Donnie Osmond was revealed to be the Peacock and Gladys Knight turned out to be The Bee.

Osmond told me in an interview after last season that he recommended new celebrities wear costumes that are more mobile to help them compete.

“When you put a mask on, all those emotions of your face as a singer go away, or even as an actor, it all goes away. This is what I would tell somebody next year: Use the costume. Use what you can. Because even with the beak and the eyes and all the feathers, I worked it like crazy,” he said.

“That’s what, you know, method acting is all about. So I applied it. I think it made it a bit more exciting because some of the (other competitors), even though they had great voices, they just went out there and sang. You can’t do that with this kind of show. You’ve got to be animated.”

Marina Toybina told Entertainment Weekly she designed the costumes for season 2 to do just that.

“We want them to be more playful on stage, like a little party,” she said. “These are enriched in detail. They’re walkable art.”