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Letter: We need less

Letter to the editor Deseret News

Something has to be done about the mass shootings. Politicians can’t say this, but since I’m not running for office, I can state the obvious: If we want to reduce the carnage caused by someone intent on killing, take away the military-grade assault weapons from everyone except those in the military. This would be a start.

I value my constitutional right to bear arms, but I can maintain that right with less lethal weaponry. Others propose more thorough background checks, but would they be effective? Many of the aggressors act out of anger caused from rejection or depression, conditions that probably wouldn’t be identified in a background check.

For a real solution, we need to address the root cause of most of these tragic situations. Research shows that most mass murderers come from homes without a father. This is the problem that needs to be fixed, but how? Maybe less infidelity and immorality; maybe less drugs and alcohol; maybe treating others with more kindness and respect. Hmm, these remedies have a familiar ring to them.

Diane Wagner

Salt Lake City