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Conjoined Bangladeshi twins separated by Hungarian doctors

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Two Bangladeshi girls who were born conjoined at the head have been successfully separated by a medical team led by 35 Hungarian doctors.

The 3-year-old sisters, Rabeya and Rukaya, were in a stable condition after the 30-hour procedure ended Friday at a military hospital in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital.

The medical team of a Hungarian charity, Action for Defenceless People Foundation, was led by Dr. Andras Csokay.

The separation process dubbed "Operation Freedom" was a cooperative effort between doctors from both countries.

Three operations were needed to separate the girls.

The process began last year in Dhaka with the separation of the shared cerebral vein parts. Earlier this year, in Budapest, the twins were implanted with a special, Hungarian-designed system to expand their skin and soft tissue.