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This company will pay you $1,000 to use an ‘iPhone 11’ for a week

The problem: There isn’t an ‘iPhone 11’ yet.

This Oct. 22, 2018, file photo shows the iPhone XS, from left, iPhone XR and the iPhone XS Max in New York. Richard Drew, AP

SALT LAKE CITY — A company is searching an iPhone fan who’d be interested in using an iPhone 11 for a week. The reward? $1,000, apparently.

Just a quick side note here: There isn’t an official iPhone 11 out there. WhistleOut specifically mentions “the forthcoming iPhone XI — or whatever they decide to call it.” So, basically, the newest iPhone.

WhistleOut is looking for someone to use the phone for seven days and tell the company how the experience went. You do not need reviewing or writing experience to qualify.

The company already has 1,400 applicants for the position.

Selected applicants will receive $1,000 for their troubles. Those participating will receive a 25% advanced payment for being selected for the job.

WhistleOut will also let you keep the iPhone.

“ prides itself on offering accurate, unbiased information. That’s why we’re hoping to find an iPhone expert to provide third-party insight into whether or not the new phone is actually better than earlier versions,” according to a press release from WhistleOut.”

You can apply for the position of WhistleOut.

These types of job offers seem to pop up all the time these days. Yesterday I wrote for the Deseret News about how is willing to pay $1,000 for a fan to watch 25 hours of “Friends.”

Earlier this month, Farmer Boys said they’d pay you $1,000 to eat bacon for a one-day bacon internship, which I wrote about for the Deseret News.

And who could forget the Utah company,, that offered a $1,000 payout if you played “Fortnite” for 50 hours, which I also wrote about for the Deseret News.