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11 earthquakes in 5 days? Here’s what’s happening in Kansas and Oklahoma

Kansas and Oklahoma have recently been rocked by earthquakes.

Kansas and Oklahoma have recently been rocked by earthquakes.
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SALT LAKE CITY — Oklahoma and Kansas have been threatened with earthquakes over the last week or so. And one Kansas county suffered 11 earthquakes in five days alone.

More than 1,000 people have said they felt earthquakes in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri over the last week.

The first earthquake rocked Reno County in Kansas last Wednesday, according to The Kansas City Star. There were 10 more earthquakes throughout the remainder of the week.

An earthquake on Friday left cracks in buildings. Residents said they noticed dishes falling off shelves, according to The Hutchinson News.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma has experienced earthquakes, too. As KFSM reported, the United States Geological Survey noted there was a 3.7 magnitude earthquake on Sunday. There have been more than a dozen earthquakes in the area around Kingfisher, Oklahoma, since late July.

One look at the U.S. Geological Survey data show there have been more than 70 earthquakes in total through the area in the last week.

“Overall, there has been a total of 65 earthquakes between the two states over the past week,” according to Michael Snyder. “That definitely isn’t normal, and we should keep a close eye on this.”