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Letter: Why does vaping need more research?

Letter to the editor Deseret News

There seems to be a lot of material in the news lately about the “possibility” that vaping might be harming people. There are calls that more research is needed. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know that sucking smoke (no matter the source) into your mouth, nose, throat and lungs is a bad idea?

I believe that this has been common knowledge since the beginning of time. The only thing that more research is going to tell us is just how bad it is. Do we really need all this quantifiable research data in order to know we shouldn’t be doing this? The vaping trend is making some people a lot of money and so they will fight tooth and nail to deny negative information as it comes out, just like the tobacco industry did. This will buy them time so they can make more money.

It seems to me that people just need to use the intelligence God gave them on this one.

Steve Gilchrist