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Letter: Work requirements work against Medicaid

Letter to the editor Deseret News

Medicaid work requirements were recently struck down by a federal judge in New Hampshire, and rightly so. These burdensome reporting requirements directly oppose the core objective of Medicaid: to provide quality health care for the most vulnerable populations.

Work requirements only make accessing quality care harder for thousands of people, most of whom already work. In Arkansas alone, since work requirements were implemented last year, over 18,000 consumers have lost coverage. If this policy was implemented nationwide, it’s estimated that between 1.4 million and 4 million Medicaid enrollees would lose health coverage.

The pattern of work requirements being struck down state after state makes clear that they’re incompatible with the law. We must take action to prevent additional states from implementing this bad policy in the first place, so that patients across the country can maintain access to quality, affordable health care.

Jason Resendez

Catharpin, Virginia