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With the rising cost of homeownership and living costs in Utah, saving any money here and there can add up. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, updating your windows and their coverings can save you money in the long run. About 30% of your home's heating and cooling is lost through your windows, so for people living in cold or hot climates, that could equate to quite a bit of money.

If you want to start simple and just update your window treatments, there are many modern options to choose from. When many people think of window treatments, they think of valences with frilly lace and bright colors: They think of grandma's house.

But there are many more options to choose from now that resemble the current era. Your choice should depend on the style of your home and how much natural light you want to let in. Here are four window treatment ideas that don't look like your grandma's.

Roman shades

These shades provide a clean, even look when open or closed. Unlike conventional blinds, Roman shades stack neatly when you pull them up horizontally. When stacked, the shades have no exposed cords so curious children and pets won't be in danger of a choking hazard.

Classic Roman shades can be batten up or batten back, meaning that you can either see the final crease from the outside or inside, depending on your design preference. These shades come in many different materials, including fabric or wood. In any style, they are an updated design choice that beats the heat.

Glass tinting

If you have windows that are large or have a strange shape, you can tint to absorb light and block ultraviolet radiation. AMSCO Windows says this subtle difference can contribute to an overall cooler home interior. In fact, one of these tint options can block out 75% of the sun's radiated heat.

If you're concerned about the look of these tint options, don't be. These tint options don't look shiny from the outside or otherwise detract from the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Roll blinds with enhanced options

Traditional roll blinds have gotten an upgrade over the years. While they used to be clunky and generally unappealing, they are slim and more efficient than years past. Many even feature built-in mechanical components you can control with remotes.

Roll blinds of today scroll smoothly and can even be programmed to go up and down at different times of day, changing times as the seasons progress. If you have large windows and need to be sure that you’ll have privacy in the evenings, automatic blinds can keep you secure without all the hassle.

These blinds can come in materials that totally block out light, or that are sheerer and allow partial sunlight to stream into the room.

Color block panels

While many people opt for simple curtains that stretch from the top of the window to the floor, it can be boring and not complementary for your space. If you like a simple look but want to introduce more layers or colors, consider adding different colored panels.

You could layer sheers with blackout curtains to meet your needs, depending on the time of day. Sheers could let in the early morning light with a simple privacy shade, and then you could draw the blackout curtains during the heat of the day when you want to keep your home cool.

Find more window options

If you're ready for a window upgrade AMSCO Windows offers environmentally-friendly products made in the U.S. AMSCO has a wide range of feel-good options that will coordinate with any home design and taste. Request a quote today to see how you can start saving money on your home's energy.