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Dwight Blood was married to his wife, Velna, for nearly 63 years. For the last four years of her life, Dwight was her primary caregiver as she fought multiple myelomas.

Two years after Velna succumbed to cancer, Dwight came down with serious stomach issues. After two major surgeries and difficult recovery periods, he and his family decided it was best that he did not return home. Dwight now found himself in need of care from what he calls “ministering angels” and, as luck would have it, he found an abundance of them at his new residence — Sagewood at Daybreak.

“The one thing you learn when you’re in a place like Sagewood, is you learn to love the dedicated caregivers who have such a compassionate gift,” said Dwight. “I call them ‘ministering angels’ because the best of them are just so truly outstanding.”

Having been both caregiver and care-receiver, Dwight’s appreciation for the caregiver’s unwavering, selfless service ultimately led him to write “The Curmudgeonly Professor’s Thoughts on Caregiving.”

The title is a nod to the 45 years he spent as a professor of economics and to a blog he wrote by the same name. Since moving to Sagewood 18 months ago, he has written a total of six books and he’s currently working on a seventh.

Dwight says writing and photography have been his lifesavers, but he likely would have never pursued these activities if not for Sagewood. He says the staff gives him boundless support and encouragement, along with a few hugs and an occasional kiss on the cheek.

“They’re loving caregivers,” said Dwight. “I don’t think there’s any question that being here has made it possible and given me the incentive and the ability to do these things.”

Each week, he purchases two bouquets of fresh flowers: one for the caregiver’s station and one for his room, which he then photographs. He estimates he’s taken more than 30,000 flower photos since he began. He posts the photos daily on his social media accounts and he even prints some so he can give them out to cheer up other residents.

“If what I write and my flower pictures can help one other person, then I feel like I’ve done something useful,” he said. “One of my themes is that we’re all caregivers; we all need to take care of each other.”

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