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Impossible Burger to hit grocery stores in California this week. Where can you find them next?

The plant-based meat company plans to have products in stores across the country by mid 2020.

An Original Impossible Burger, left, and a Cali Burger, from Umami Burger, are shown in this photo in New York, Friday, May 3, 2019. A new era of meat alternatives is here, with Beyond Meat becoming the first vegan meat company to go public and Impossible Burger popping up on menus around the country.
Richard Drew, Associated Press

After breaking into the restaurant scene with products at Burger King, Red Robin and Cheesecake Factory, Impossible Foods will begin releasing its plant-based burgers at grocery stores, USA Today reported.

Starting Friday, the Impossible Burger will be available for purchase at a chain of California-based grocery stores, Gelson’s Markets, with plans to announce other stores later this month. The California-based startup plans to have Impossible Burger products on the shelves of grocery stores across the country by mid-2020, according to USA Today.

According to Impossible’s chief financial officer, David Lee, their vegan-friendly products are not just enjoyed by those on plant-based diets.

Lee told USA Today, 90% of Impossible’s customers are self-identified meat eaters.

“I think there have been many products in the past that appeal to those who are plant-based,” Lee told USA Today. “But I think our growth is squarely in the hands of meat eaters who maybe had to compromise before.”

Impossible’s competitor, Beyond Meat, has had products available at grocery stores since 2016, and has partnered with restaurants like Del Taco, Carl’s Jr. and TGI Friday’s to serve its products, according to Vox.

Beyond Meat began publicly trading in May, and has done well in the stock market, Vox reports.

Though Impossible said it has no plans to go public for now, according to CNBC, it has high hopes for its grocery store debut.

“Our first step into retail is a watershed moment in Impossible Foods’ history,” Senior Vice President Nick Halla said in a statement, according to Vox.