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First gas station in US to fully convert to electric opens in Maryland

Maryland has 20,700 electric vehicles on the road and has faced difficulty keeping up with the demand for charging stations.

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A gas station in Maryland has become the United States’ first to transition fully into an electric vehicle charging station, according to CNBC.

RS Automotives has been in operation since 1958, but the owner, Depeswar Doley, was ready for a change. He had long been frustrated with the way that gas and oil companies structure their contracts, CNBC reported.

But it was Doley’s teenage daughter that convinced him to make the change, according to CNN.

After a public official reached out to him last year with the suggestion to convert into an electric vehicle charging station, Doley returned home to mull the idea over, where his daughter encouraged him by talking about the environmental impacts, CNN reported.

The Electric Vehicle Institute and the Maryland Energy Administration provided a grant of $786,000 to fund the conversion process, according to CNBC.

“Maryland is proud to be a national leader when it comes to clean and renewable energy, climate change, and the promotion of electric infrastructure and vehicles,” Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said in a statement reported by CNN. “This fully-converted, gas-to-electric charging station is a prime example of our administration’s commitment to the environment and transportation.”

Maryland has 20,700 electric vehicles on the road, and the area has had issues with meeting the demand for charging stations, Matthew Wade, CEO of the Electric Vehicle Institute, told CNBC.

The new station has a 200-kilowatt, four-dispenser system, according to CNN. This will allow four vehicles to charge at a time, within 20 to 30 minutes, CNET reported.

Doley told CNN he’s not thinking about how much money he might make, or trying to “nickel and dime,” but instead he’s thinking of the impact on the environment.

“This thing is so new, we don’t know what’s going to happen,” Doley told CNN. “It might flop, or it might work out — we have no clue at all. We’re just crossing our fingers, and in the back of my mind, I know this is something good for the environment.”