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Morning links: Why a Tennessee writer (humorously) says BYU is a better school than its upcoming football opponent

An aerial view of Brigham Young University.
An aerial view of Brigham Young University in Ptovo, Utah.
BYU photo

In the midst of all the talk about how important Saturday’s game between the BYU Cougars and Tennessee Volunteers will be for both teams, one writer based in Knoxville brought some levity to the situation Thursday with a humorous examination of why BYU is a better school than Tennessee.

Among the reasons Ryan Wilusz of the Knoxville News Sentinel gave for his claim, he noted that Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons attended the Provo school, as did writer Samuel W. Taylor, whose stories became the basis for the Disney movie “Flubber.”

In fairness to the University of Tennessee this week, Wilusz wrote a similar piece last week about why Georgia State is a better school before the Volunteers and Panthers squared off.

“I could go on telling you all the reasons BYU is better than UT,” Wilusz concludes, “but, perhaps, it’s best to let Saturday’s game speak for itself.”

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Switching gears, the NBA2K20 video game gets released Friday, and because of that, Utah Jazz wing Royce O’Neale gave very clear instruction via Twitter for you to not to try to contact him so he can focus on playing it.