An absurd year apparently calls for absurd holiday delights.

If you thought fruit cake was the most bizarre treat the Christmas season has to offer, have you considered ketchup flavored candy canes? How about pizza flavored canes? Or pho?

According to Delish, Archie McPhee — a Seattle-based novelty shop whose catch phrase is “we make weird” — has recently launched a new line of candy canes that truly test the definition of “holiday treat,” and their flavors don’t stop at the three mentioned above.

What other flavors are there?

Taste of Home reports that the novelty shop is currently offering ten unique variations of the classic holiday hard candy including:

  • Ketchup Candy Canes
  • Shiitake Mushroom Candy Canes
  • Pho Candy Canes
  • Hamdy Canes (ham flavored candy canes)
  • Kale Candy Canes
  • Pizza Candy Canes
  • Mac & Cheese Candy Canes
  • Pickle Candy Canes
  • Bacon Candy Canes


  • Clamy Canes (that’s right, clam flavored candy canes)

Archie McPhee’s website describes the mollusk flavored hard candy as follows:

“From the personified clam on the package to the clam taste, you’ll wonder how Christmas existed without Clamdy Canes. They’re a candy clamity! We all celebrate holidays in our own way and if your holiday tastes like the sea, this is for you. Add a little sand for extra clam realness. If anyone complains, just tell them to clam up.”

How to buy them

These unique holiday treats are available for purchase online through Archie McPhee’s e-store. At the time of writing, a pack of six specialty canes sells for $6.50 (shipping not included).

If you’re reading this from Washington, you can pick up the candy canes in person at the Archie McPhee storefront in Seattle.