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Want to maximize your Disneyland trip? Try this

It costs more money but Disneyland has a new feature that will help you ride every ride you want

SHARE Want to maximize your Disneyland trip? Try this
Disney D23 — an exclusive fan club for Disney enthusiasts — shared two images Thursday related to the history of Disneyland.

I decided to experience plenty of rides for my first visit to Disneyland. I wanted to maximize my experience as much as I could so I sampled a slew of rides to see which ones stood out.

Herb Scribner, Deseret News

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Disneyland has a new feature that will make it a lot easier to maximize your experiences.

The new MaxPass gives Disneyland guests a chance to pick which rides to enjoy on their phone, allowing for an easier experience when booking FastPass reservation for some of the most popular rides.

Here’s how it works. Once you enter Disneyland proper, the Disneyland mobile app will allow you to add the MaxPass to your ticket. The MaxPass allows you to book FastPasses on your mobile app.

The best part — the MaxPass allows you to book multiple FastPasses at a time. You book one ride with a FastPass, wait about 90 minutes and then book another.

The new MaxPass gives you the chance to have reservations spread throughout the day without needing to run up to multiple rides to book them.

This feature is such a game-changer with Disneyland. It allows you to book multiple rides at once and schedule your rides throughout the day. You know when you have to visit each ride and when you’ll have free time. Doing so also allows you see when certain rides have a FastPass availability, which will allow you more flexibility when choosing your rides.

The downside is that the added MaxPass costs $20 (up from $15 just a few weeks ago). For one person, this isn’t bad. But for a family of four, you’re talking up to $80 in additional prices. That’s about half the price of a regular ticket.

But, as I recently experienced at the park, the MaxPass gives you the flexibility to pick the rides you want at your convenience. And it helps that it’s all done on your phone. You would think in 2020 that all of the FastPass would be done on the phone. Maybe one day we’ll get there. But for now, MaxPass is truly the only way to bring your Disneyland experience into the digital age.

The MaxPass is surely a heavy cost for your large family. And sure, it would be cheaper to wait in the standby line. But for those looking to maximize their experience and avoid wait times, the MaxPass is the newest feature you’ll want to embrace.